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Custom Web 2.0 Solutions

While there are many companies promoting web development and design, most of these companies specialize in a single aspect of the web design experience, such as site design, site styling, and more But the days of online brochures are gone. Today websites must be dynamic if you are going to punch through the incredible noise and clutter and make your business known. At MLN Communications we offer complete web 2.0 site design which requires a lot more expertise and multiple skills. For stance we do it all:

  • Site Design
  • Java Script
  • Databases
  • Utilization of different programming languages
  • And most important – we help to assure the security of your website

Designing a dynamic web site that meets your customers’ unique and requirements requires a lot of different expertise that can’t be packaged into a template or generic off the shelf solution. The fact is that when you’re designing a more complex site there are many different aspects of the experience that you need to think about. For instance:

  • What will the user see on the home page – what will make him interested to click further?
  • What will be the user experience as they navigate through the site?
  • What is the functionality that I require for my site?
  • Who are my target audience?
  • What technologies should I be using?
  • Can I target all different devices such as mobile phones, tablets, desktops, etc.?
  • What about Search Engine Optimization?
  • Etc…

As you can imagine there are these and many, many more considerations to take into account when thinking about a web site or even simple web based application.

At MLN Communications and Solutions we believe that the recipe for a successful project starts with understanding our customers’ requirements and expectations in turn, we view it as our job helping them understand the latest technologies, alternative solutions and providing a lot of advice from our years of experience.

Our mission starts with our Consultation Services:

During this phase we will gather a complete understanding of your business, business vision which in turn will help us better understand your web site vision and requirements. After this phase we will develop a clear understanding of what needs to be developed while you will gain the knowledge and peace of mind that we will be building a solution that meets all your expectations.


We always try to work within our customer’s budgets. The output of this initial this phase of the project will be a document of our understanding of your requirements as well as a detailed technical overview, user experience overview and cost estimate.

Site design

The actual design of the site is performed by a team of engineers and graphic designers each with a specific skill set and expertise. In initial meetings, all aspects of the design will be agreed upon and the different tasks will be assigned to the development team. Many of the team members will work in parallel joining the pieces together once they have completed their phase of the development.

Database integration

Whether you already have an existing database that you want to integrate with or you wish to design a new database, we will either modify or build a new data model that meets the requirements of your site.

Server side automation

Every company requires some automation on the server side, this might be something as simple as storing information in a database, deciding if a user can see specific information, providing login capability with user roles or more complex customizations such as implementing complex calculations and algorithms that gather information from multiple sources within your company.

Generally this work is performed by a team of programmers, integration experts, security experts and database administrators. This is the part of the site design that the end user never gets to see, however it is the power behind your site and the reason you selected to use our service vs an off-the-shelf tool.

Integration to existing systems

Many customers require that their site be integrated on the server side into existing systems – such as Customer Management Solutions, ordering and enterprise management systems. This is a very common requirement that can in fact get very complex At MLN Communications & Solutions we have years of experience making the complex simple and as efficient as possible. With our knowledge of enterprise systems and integration, we are sure that we can provide a maintainable and transparent integration to most of your enterprise systems.

Client side automation

A lot of the automation that we design for the client side is related to the experience that the end user will enjoy on your site. Some of the other client side customizations that we can program into your site are the following:

  • Client Side Form Validation
  • Scripted effects to enhance your site
  • Secure Communication with the server
  • Custom Controls to answer specific business requirements
  • Complex Calculations and validations

Site design and styling

In these days of consumers viewing your site on multiple devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. you need to guarantee that your site will look good on all devices regardless of screen size. Previously many companies redesigned web sites for specific devices, such as a specific web site for a mobile device vs a completely separate web site for a desktop computer or laptop. Today, this is not possible, just think about the myriad of different screen sizes available on the market today.

Instead, we use the most up to date methodologies of “Responsive Design” to style one single site that will look good and be functional on any device. This is much more than just scaling the design to fit the screen, for instance, if the buttons and drop downs on your site are scaled down, how will a user select them with his figure on a mobile phone? Responsive Design takes into consideration what the site will look like on any screen size and in any orientation, adjusting layout, fonts and pictures to take into consideration the display dimensions available.

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

We perform project specific custom developments. We pride ourselves by taking a consultative approach to each project, understanding the problem that our customers are trying to solve and proposing out-of-box ideas that might not have occurred to them.

With a vast experience of developing solutions for many different industries and specific business cases, we feel that we can exceed your expectations for a solution that solves the specific business issue that you are facing.

We have experience integrating with data management systems, data analysis, 3D development, UI development for end users who have no computer experience, and more.

Some of the projects that we have successfully completed include the following:

  • Assembly Browser - structure of unstructured XML based engineering data and association to 3D assets to build custom views of complex products. Includes complex search algorithms as well as XML loading, indexing and filtering of millions of separate XML files
  • GID 3D - Simple 3D interface used for designing and costing out parks, water parks landscape projects, etc. To be used by sales personnel on visits to potential clients. This project included interfacing with
  • Visual Compare - Visual Comparison of any 2D or 3D data as well as associated meta data. Streaming visual 3D results from web servers where complex algorithms calculate model differences
  • Visual Manufacturing - Simple 3D interface for designing Manufacturing views of 3D data with associated meta data